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San Miguel Alcohol-Free [0.0% San Miguel Lager]

San Miguel 0.0 comes from the Filipino / Spanish brewers, San Miguel.   San Miguel alcohol-free was Spain’s first-ever no alcohol beer.  It has a dark golden appearance with a creamy foam.   This vegan-friendly alcohol-free pilsner-style lager comes in with an ABV of “not more than 0.04% and compares favourably with other pilsner-style lagers in the alcohol-free range.    The first time I drank San Miguel 0.0 it was too warm and it wasn’t a good experience.  I chilled my San Miguel properly and the experience improved significantly and it was an enjoyable experience that I’d definitely repeat.

Read on for our San Miguel Alcohol-Free review, comparison with the alcoholic San Miguel, San Miguel 0.0 tasting notes, nutritional information and best places to buy for special offers.


San Miguel 0.0 combines different varieties of European and North American hops – with a variety of both bitter and semi-aromatic hops bringing floral and herbal aromas and creating a moderate to high bitterness.  There are also two types of malt – Pilsen malt and a more deeply roasted malt combine to provide a dark golden tone and a creamy foam.  This is a good looking beer.

San Miguel 0.0 has been available since 2001 in Spain.  A long way since their beginnings in Manila, the Philippines in 1890, to now producing 70% of the Spanish beer in the world.   San Miguel 0.0 has been available in the UK since 2015.

What does San Miguel Alcohol-Free Lager taste like?

The first time I tried San Miguel wasn’t good.  I hadn’t chilled San Miguel 0.0 to the brewers recommended 4 to 6 degrees Celsius and I really didn’t enjoy the experience. So I tried again.    San Miguel Alcohol-Free pours well, with a deep amber colour.  It scores an 8.5 in colour on the EBC (European Brewery Convention) scale.  This is a measure of colour intensity – the higher the number the darker the beer.  It’s certainly darker than the other alcohol-free lagers that we tried in our taste test. 

The bottle and the labelling are instantly recognizable to San Miguel fans.  And the 0.0% is also unmissable.   I’d be happy to drink it out of the brown 330 ml bottle that San Miguel comes in.

Learn from my mistake and serve at the brewers recommended temperature of between 4 and 6 degrees (celsius).  You can read our guide on the recommended temperatures for serving beer here.

San Miguel scores 25 IBUs (International Bitterness Unit) – most beers you drink will have a score of between 5 and 120, but some have been scored up to 1000 (!).    

The brewers have used both North American and European hops to combine semi-aromatic and bitterness, the bitterness is, I think quite high (I’m not complaining).  San Miguel 0.0 does also have something of a hoppy aroma and a slight sweetness in the end taste, which many alcohol-free lagers do not have.  I’m not complaining about that either, its often the giveaway that a lager isn’t the alcoholic version, the lack of sweet end notes.  Another positive is that it’s not over-carbonated, which is often another giveaway for alcohol-free beers and lagers – hyping up the carbonation to cover up a thin taste.  This pilsner-style lager, for me, has a good medium body and an almost creamy mouthfeel.  No thin taste here.

What does San Miguel 0.0 Lager look like?

San Miguel 0.0 looks darker in the glass than many of its fellow alcohol-free lagers.  It’s deep in colour for a lager, with a creamy head.

san miguel 00 review

How does San Miguel 0.0 Compare to San Miguel?

Where the brewer produces an alcoholic version of their alcohol-free beer we always try to taste test them alongside each other.  We take account of the following in our comparison

  • Branding
  • Head and Pour
  • Aroma
  • Flavour
  • Calories and other Nutritional Differences

I’ve enjoyed blind tasting the no alcohol beers alongside their alcoholic namesakes as well as alongside each other.  It’s interesting to see if there is a resemblance, or if it’s just the brand that is being used.  San Miguel 0.0 compares favourably to the alcoholic San Miguel Especial.  And I suppose it has to.  The initial target audience was likely to be San Miguel drinkers who were looking for less alcohol in their drink (0.0 is not more than 0.04% ABV compared to a whopping 5.0% from San Miguel Especial), so a similar taste was important. What was interestng was that the alcohol-free 0.0 from San Miguel was actually darker than the Especial.

There are also those in the “sober curious” market interested in drinking alcohol-free beers, but not at the expense of the taste.  I include me in that market. 

san miguel 00 versus san miguel especial

Could I tell that the alcohol-free version of San Miguel was exactly that when tasting next to San Miguel Especial?  Yes, but it wasn’t far off.  The slight sweet end notes definitely help with that.  It’s a darker colour than San Miguel Especial, but it pours the same. The taste, however, is similar.

Does San Miguel Alcohol-Free taste the same as San Miguel Especial?

It has the same bitterness and the same floral tones.  The sweet endnotes are similar.  I’d say San Miguel 0.0 is pretty similar in taste to San Miguel Especial

How many calories does San Miguel 0.0 have compared to San Miguel?

There are 24 calories per 100ml in non-alcoholic San Miguel 0.0, compared to 49 calories per 100ml in Alcoholic San Miguel. 

Ingredients in San Miguel Alcohol-Free Lager

San Miguel 0.0 is made from Water, Barley Malt, Carbon Dioxide, Hops and Flavourings. 

How is San Miguel Alcohol-Free Lager made?

It’s not clear what process San Miguel 0.0 goes through to remove the alcohol.    It is brewed with regular beer ingredients but the mashing parameters are adjusted to give less fermentable sugars, limiting the alcohol production.  The ingredients of San Miguel 0.0 also include “flavourings” which aren’t detailed anywhere. 

Best Type of Beer Glass to drink San Miguel Alcohol-Free Lager from

Drink San Miguel 0.0 out of either a Pilsner Glass or a tulip-shaped glass.

Nutritional Info for San Miguel 0.0 Per 100ml

  • Energy (kcal) 24 kcal
  • Fat 0.0g
  • Carbohydrate 5.6g
  • Sugars 1.7g
  • Protein 0.3g
  • Salt  0.01g

Vital Statistics of San Miguel 0.0

  • Name:  San Miguel 0.0 (alcohol-free pilsner-style lager)
  • Type of Beer / Style of Beer:  Alcohol-Free Pilsners Style Lager
  • Brewed by:  San Miguel
  • Alcohol Content: Not more than 0.04% ABV
  • Ingredients:    Water, Barley Malt, Carbon Dioxide, Hops, Flavourings.
  • Country of Origin:  Philippines / Spain
  • Dispensed In:  330ml bottles
  • San Miguel Alcohol Free Calories per bottle: 79 kcal / 330ml

Where to Buy San Miguel 0.0 From (in the UK): 

San Miguel Non Alcoholic Lager FAQs

Got questions about San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer?? Or want to know something specific about San Miguel Alcohol Free and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about Alcohol Free San Miguel below, or ask us yours in the comments

Is San Miguel 0.0 completely alcohol free?

Whether you count San Miguel 0.0 as completely alcohol free depends on your definition. The ABV is “not more than 0.04%”, which is low enough to be counted as alcohol-free in the UK. We count it as alcohol-free.

What is the San Miugel 0.0 alcohol content?

The ABV of San Miguel is “not more 0.04%”, which means that in the UK it is classified as alcohol-free. Read more about the definitions of alcohol-free here.

What is the San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer Calories count?

There are 24 calories per 100ml of non alcoholic San Miguel beer.

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Final Words on San Miguel 0.0 Pilsner-Style Alcohol-Free Lager

It’s interesting that San Miguel 0.0 has actually been around since 2001, although it didn’t arrive in the UK until 2015.  After my first disastrous experience with it – where I served and drank it WAY too warm – I really enjoyed the second and third attempts.  Comparing San Miguel to its alcoholic cousin, San Miguel Especial was also interesting.  Its much more than I was expecting – deeper in colour, more aromatic and bitter in taste.  I enjoyed it.  I hope you do too.

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