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McGuigan Sparkling Zero Review [AF Sparkling Wine]

McGuigan’s launch of their alcohol-free wine range came in the UK in autumn 2019.  The 0% ABV sparkling is fresh with green apple notes.  McGuigan’s zero sparkling is one of a range of 5 alcohol-free wines from the Australian wine giant.   This is a great tasting crisp sparkling wine that is well worth exploring.    Our McGuigan Sparkling Zero review covers the ingredients, tasting notes and more details on this excellent addition to the McGuigan wine range.  This is the first of our Mcguigan zero reviews, whicb we’ll follow with the remainder of the Mcguigan alcohol free wine range.


The Zero wines from McGuigan were in development for more than two years before they were launched.  This 0% ABV wine is, like all their other 0% wines, made from grapes and uses no artificial sweeteners or additives.   The winemakers created this alcohol-free sparkling wine to maintain “strong varietal characteristics” and to keep the flavour profile of the finished AF wine as close to that of the full-strength wine as possible.

The McGuigan Zero range also includes shiraz, rosé, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc all of which are 0% ABV – that’s right, Mcguigan zero alcohol wine.

What does McGuigan Sparkling Zero Wine taste like?

The cork eases out of the bottle with a reassuring pop and the wine pours exactly as I’d expect a sparkling wine to.  Effervescent bubbles foam up as I pour a glass and it looks exactly like a full-strength alcoholic sparkling wine.   To look at it you wouldn’t guess that this is 0% ABV. 

To taste it, you could also mistake it for a slightly sweet prosecco, I’m definitely more of a dry Cava person, but hey, this is actually really good.  You can buy McGuigan Sparkling Zero HERE.

McGuigan produces a 0.5% ABV wine that’s popular in both Australia and Canada, but in the UK to be classed as alcohol-free drinks need to be 0.05% ABV.  And so McGuigans decided that they needed to produce a zero per cent wine for the UK market.  And here we are, the ZERO range.

There’s definitely still a flavour of the base wine here – in which they have ramped up the flavours to ensure that they remain in this final Mcguigan Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine .  However,  I definitely feel as though I’m drinking alcohol here.   It’s apparently the infusion of a premium green tea to the de-alcoholised wine that gives the depth of body and tannins that you’d normally find in Sparkling Wine.

The winemakers biggest challenge was to make the flavour profile of the wine as close to the full-strength wine as possible and I think they’ve done a pretty darned good job with the 0% sparkling wine.

What does McGuigan Sparkling Zero look like?

If you saw this in a glass you wouldn’t be able to tell it wasn’t alcoholic.  It’s bubbly, delicate and delightfully fresh.

mcguigan sparkling zero wine

Ingredients in McGuigan Sparkling Zero Wine

McGuigan’s ZERO Sparkling wine is made from grapes, like regular wines.  The wine is then de-alcoholised using a spinning cone technology.  Residual sugars are left in the wine for the flavour, but it’s still only 33 calories per 100 ml.   There are no artificial sweeteners or additives in this wine.

How is McGuigan Sparkling Zero made?

McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling starts as grapes which are then fermented, as regular strength wine is.  However, the flavours are concentrated specifically for this zero per cent alcohol wine.   To make great alcohol-free wine you have to start with great base wine.  McGuigan’s worked hard to get more flavour, more malo (malolactic fermentation), more lees (lees in wine are the dead yeast cells, leftover from the fermentation process), oak and the cool-climate fruit flavours that give the wine length and more complexity.

McGuigan use the spinning cone technology to remove the alcohol from the wine at low temperatures, which helps to maintain the delicate flavours. 

Removing Alcohol via the Spinning Cone Technology

In a vacuum environment wine is spun around about 40 upside-down cones.  Half the cones are fixed and half spin.  The wine is spun into thin liquid films allowing a cool vapour to rise off the wine, which carries the “volatiles” off the liquid.  The first pass of the wine past the cones takes the flavours and aromas of the wine which is then condensed and kept to be added back to the wine later (this is known as the essence).  A second pass takes off as much of the alcohol was you want to.  The remaining liquid is recombined with the essence to produce McGuigan’s zero per cent wine.

Best Type of Glass to Drink Sparkling Wine From

There are different schools of thought on the best glasses to drink sparkling wine from.  Choices range from coups to flutes to tulips.  We prefer a flute for style, but a tulip glass – with a round shape and a narrow base helps with bubble formation. 

We love these flutes for drinking sparkling wine.

Nutritional Info for McGuigan Sparkling Zero Per 100ml

  • Energy (kcal) 33kcal
  • Fat <0.2g
  • Carbohydrate 8g
  • Sugars 6.7g
  • Protein <0.1g
  • Salt <0.01g/litre

Vital Statistics of McGuigan Zero Sparkling Wine

  • Name:  McGuigan Sparkling Zero Wine
  • Type of Beer / Style of Wine:   Sparkling Wine
  • Winemaker:  McGuigan Wines
  • Alcohol Content: 0.0% ABV
  • Ingredients:    De-Alcoholised Wine (93%), Grape Juice Concentrate, Carbon Dioxide, Preservatives (E220, E224), Antioxidant (E300), Thickener (E414)
  • Country of Origin:  Australia
  • Dispensed In:  750ml bottles
  • Calories per can/bottle: 247.5 kcal

Where to Buy McGuigan Sparkling Zero From (in the UK): 

  • Amazon
  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsbury
  • Asda

FAQS on Zero Sparkling Wine from McGuigan

Got questions about Sparkling Zero? Or want to know something specific about this type of wine and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about McGuigan’s Sparkling Zero Wine below, or ask us yours in the comments.

What is the ABV of McGuigan Zero Wines?

McGuigan Zero Wines have an ABV of 0.0%. They were designed specifically for the UK market and the UK legislation for alcohol-free definitions.

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Final Words on the McGuigan Zero Sparkling Wine Review

There’s a definite flavour of the base wine in this McGuigan Zero Sparkling Wine.  The fruit aromas come through, there’s a delicate bubble and to look at it you would tell that there is no alcohol in this sparkling wine.  Perhaps it’s the bubbles, but this is definitely a wine to celebrate and share and I wonder how many would realize that there’s no alcohol in it if you don’t tell them! We hope you’ve enjoyed this Mcguigan zero sparkling review and that you enjoy this Mcguigan Sparkling wine as much as we do.

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