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Free Damm Review [Alcohol-Free Lager from Damm]

There’s nothing better than a cold fresh lager on a hot sunny afternoon.  Thirst quenching, clean tasting and easy drinking.  And that’s exactly what you get with the alcohol-free lager Free Damm, the Estrella Damm Alcohol Free offering .   This Estrella Alcohol Free lager is the sort of lager that you’d want if you were making an afternoon or an evening of it.  And the amazing thing is that while Free Damm may come from the Spanish brewing giant, Damm, its completely, 100% alcohol-free without losing any of the taste.  The Barcelona-based Damm have played a blinder with Free Damm – its great tasting, easy drinking and it’s branding stands on its own too.  So, read on for our Free Damm review, comparison with the alcoholic Estrella Damm, Free Damm tasting notes, nutritional information and best places to buy for special offers.


The Damm brewery is the oldest in Spain, formed in 1876 when August Kuentzmann Damm and his wife Melanie, left Alsace, fleeing from the Franco-Prussian War.  Together with his cousin Joseph Damm, they began brewing and selling Strasburger beer with the symbol of a star in Barcelona.  The flagship beer is Estrella (Star), Damm.   Free Damm alcohol free beer has always been made with the same ingredients used o make alcoholic beer, with yeast used to ferment and produce alcohol naturally – and with this alcohol removed through a process called “vacuum distillation”.

Damm’s alcohol-free lager, Free Damm was relaunched to the market in 2018 with more aroma and more flavour as well as a vibrant new image.  Free Damm lager beer is one of three alcohol-free drinks from Damm.

What does Free Damm Alcohol-Free Lager taste like?

Free Damm is one of our three favourite alcohol-free lagers.  I’ll go so far as to say it’s actually my favourite.  (Sarah prefers the craft lager taste of BrewDog’s Lost AF).  Free Damm is sold in 250 ml bottles and vibrant blue 330 ml cans.  This branding, which came in the 2018 relaunch, lets it stand alone separately from the company’s flagship Estrella Damm.  If you didn’t look closely you wouldn’t know its related to the Barcelona-based Damm.

Free Damm pours like a volume lager.   The 0.0 Free Damm Lager is a standard amber in colour, with a good head and reasonable carbonation.    It scores a 9 in colour on the EBC (European Brewery Convention) scale.  This is a measure of colour intensity – the higher the number the darker the beer.

You’ll want to serve Free Damm at between 4 and 6 degrees (celsius).

It has an intense aroma, and the taste is light with a balance of bitterness.  Free Damm scores 17 IBUs (International Bitterness Unit) – most beers you drink will have a score of between 5 and 120, but some have been scored up to 1000 (!). 

This is a good thirst-quenching lager that doesn’t have any of the markers of a non-alcoholic lager.  And by that I mean, that I get no metallic aroma, I get no flat taste at the end of the drink.  There’s a hint of lemon and its smooth. You could almost imagine yourself sitting on the Ramblas watching the world go by on a warm evening in Barcelona.   Mediterranean lagers tend to be light and easy-drinking, thirst-quenching for the heat.  This is that. 

What does Free Damm Lager look like?

Branding wise, I have to say, that the relaunch, in my view was a great thing to do.  There are pros and cons to being compared to an alcoholic counterpart.  And I also have to say that the first time I drank Free Damm, I did not associate it with Estrella Damm, which I’ve drunk many times in Spain.    Alcohol free Estrella aka Estrella Damm Non Alcoholic aka Estrella Free Damm is great. We haven’t tried Free Damm in bottles, just in 330ml cans.  The branding actually screams out, for Free Damm to be judged on its own merits, not as a poor cousin of the alcoholic version.  And, for me, it does.  When I say I’d drink this again.  I have and I do.  This is my go-to lager now.  So much so that drinking alcoholic lager actually tastes strange these days.

free damm alcohol free lager

The head lasts a good while, the carbonation does too, but it’s not over-carbonated, like some alcohol- free lagers, which seem to use additional bubbles to mask a thin taste.

How does Free Damm Compare to Estrella Damm?

Where the brewer produces an alcoholic version of their alcohol-free beer we always try to taste test them alongside each other.  We take account of the following in our comparison

  • Branding
  • Head and Pour
  • Aroma
  • Flavour
  • Calories and other Nutritional Differences

Following the 2018 rebrand, Free Damm doesn’t look anything like the flagship Estrella Damm, but we did taste it alongside Estrella Damm.  We tasted Free Damm poured from a 330 ml can and Estrella Damm from a 660ml bottle.

free damm versus estrella damm

The alcohol-free Free Damm produces a medium head which stays around.  I think it looks the same as Estrella Damm in a glass.  It certainly doesn’t look non-alcoholic.

Could I tell that the alcohol-free version was exactly that when tasting next to the alcoholic version?  Yes, but only just.  And it’s only just because Estrella Damm has that slight sweet end taste.  If I wasn’t tasting it alongside Estrella Damm and you asked me if Free Damm was alcoholic or not, I’d have to say that I had no idea.

Free Damm is an excellent lager, IMHO, it stands on its own, and it is my go-to lager – both alcohol-free or alcoholic these days.

Does Free Damm taste the same as Estrella Damm?

Yes, I think Free Damm tastes remarkably close to Estrella Damm. 

How many calories does Free Damm have compared to Estrella Damm?

There are 20 calories per 100ml in non-alcoholic Free Damm, compared to 50 calories per 100ml in Alcoholic Estrella Damm. 

Ingredients in Free Damm Alcohol-Free Lager

Free Damm is made of the same ingredients as those used to make alcoholic beer, with the addition of Glucose-Fructose Syrup.   Water, Barley Malt* (8%), Maize, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Rice, Hops.  Glucose-Fructose Syrup is also known as corn syrup.  It’s a way of adding fermentable sugar to beer.    Free Damm displays the Crossed Grain Symbol, indicating is gluten-free and suitable for those suffering from coeliac disease.

How is Free Damm Lager made?

Free Damm is made the same way as alcoholic lagers, with Water, Barley Malt* (8%), Maize, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Rice and Hops.  Yeast is added to ferment the lager.   Then the alcohol is removed with a technique called “vacuum distillation” (you can read more here about the methods of making alcohol-free beer).  During this process, the aromas of the beer are collected and are reintroduced to the alcohol-free Free Damm to maximise its flavour.

Best Type of Beer Glass to drink Free Damm Alcohol-Free from

Drink Free Damm out of a tulip-shaped glass to maximize the aromas and flavours of this excellent alcohol-free lager. These are excellent tulip shaped beer glasses to drink Free Damm from.

Nutritional Info for Free Damm Per 100ml

  • Energy (kcal) 20 kcal
  • Fat 0.0g
  • Carbohydrate 4.7g
  • Sugars 1.7g
  • Protein 0.2g
  • Salt  <0.01g

Vital Statistics of Free Damm

  • Name:  Free Damm Lager (alcohol-free)
  • Type of Beer / Style of Beer:  Alcohol-Free Lager
  • Brewed by:  Damm, Spain
  • Alcohol Content: 0.00% ABV
  • Ingredients:    Water, Barley Malt (8%), Maize, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Rice, Hops.
  • Country of Origin:  Spain
  • Dispensed In:  330ml bottles and 300ml cans
  • Free Damm Beer Calories per bottle: 66 kcal / 330ml

Where to Buy Free Damm Beer From (in the UK): 

Other lagers similar to Free Damm

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Final Words on Free Damm Lager Alcohol-Free

Free Damm beer is a great thirst-quenching lager.  If you didn’t know the Damm brand you wouldn’t be aware that it belonged to it, but regardless, it’s an excellent drinking lager.    It is, as I’ve said in Free Damm Beer review, my favourite alcohol-free lager these days, bar none.  It looks good, it tastes good, it has lower calories than alcoholic lager and there’s no hangover after a night of drinking Free Damm.  Sounds pretty damn good to me!

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