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BrewDog Lost AF Review [Alcohol-Free Lager]

BrewDog Lost AF alcohol-free lager from Scottish based BrewDog is currently my favourite alcohol-free lager.  They’ve taken their iconic Lost Lager and managed to keep the taste and flavour and deliver a 0.5% ABV crispy, refreshing lager.   Lost AF from BrewDog is a great light fresh lager, perfect for a sunny afternoon thirst quencher.   Read on for our BrewDog Lost AF review, tasting notes, nutritional information and best places to buy for special offers.


With the alcohol-free version of their Lost Lager, BrewDog uses the light Pilsner malt base as a foundation that produces a light and refreshing AF lager.  The malts in this drink are savoury, and there is citrus too that gives it a zesty flavour that will wake up your taste buds.

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Lost AF was launched in June 2020 (the alcoholic Lost Lager came onto the scene in September 2018. 

What does BrewDog Lost AF Lager taste like?

Lost AF has a light taste with a fine texture or mouthfeel.  This is a refreshing, crisp drink – very different to the other, very hoppy, AF offerings from BrewDog. Lost AF has a zesty, citrus aroma with a little sweetness from the malt.   There are hints of this citrus zing in the taste too.    There’s a good long end to this alcohol free version of Lost Lager, which is pleasant as so many AF lagers just disappear completely!

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What does BrewDog Lost AF Lager look like?

As you can see from our photo of Lost AF Lager, this is a light straw colour, which when poured gives a small, but not massive head. 

Brewdog Lost AF lager and can

Ingredients in BrewDog Lost AF Lager

Lost Lager AF uses cascade hops.  The malts in the AF Lost Lager are carapils, oats, pilsner and caramalt.  While the full ingredients list isn’t available for Lost AF, BrewDog does provides a home brewer’s dream – ingredients and instructions on making their beers.  The latest DIY Dog dates from 2019 and includes the alcoholic version of Lost Lager.  Download it here.

How is BrewDog Lost Lager Alcohol Free made?

BrewDog states that all their AF beers are brewed using a micro fermentation technique these beers and are designed from the get-go to be 0.5% ABV.  (read here about what makes it an alcohol-free beer) They don’t remove or change anything, to keep the flavour in. And the flavour is pretty darned good!

Best Type of Beer Glass to Drink Lost AF lager from

Drink Lost AF lager in either a footed pilsner glass or a flute glass for the best tasting experience.

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Nutritional Info for BrewDog Lost AF Lager Per 100ml

Here’s the Brewdog Lost Lager nutrition facts.

  • Energy (kcal) 10kcal
  • Fat <0.1g
  • Carbohydrate 3g
  • Sugars 1.8g
  • Protein 0.1g
  • Salt <0.1g

Vital Statistics of BrewDog Lost AF Lager

  • Name:  BrewDog Lost AF
  • Type of Beer / Style of Beer:  Alcohol-Free Pilsner Lager
  • Brewed by:  BrewDog
  • Alcohol Content: 0.5% ABV
  • Ingredients:    Water, malted barley, lactose, malted oats, yeast, hops.
  • Country of Origin:  Scotland
  • Dispensed In:  330ml cans
  • BrewDog Lost AF Calories per can/bottle: 33 kcal

Where to Buy BrewDog Lost AF From (in the UK) 

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Final Words on BrewDog Lost AF Lager

A fabulous 2020 addition to the BrewDog stable of alcohol-free beers.  This light and refreshing lager has a great crispy taste that we very much enjoy.  It’s all the taste of the iconic Lost Lager with none of the alcohol.  A fab buy.

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