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Beck’s Blue Review [Alcohol-Free Beck’s Beer]

It looks like a Beck’s Beer, it pours like Beck’s beer, its brewed like Beck’s beer, but does it taste like Beck’s Beer?  Beck’s Blue tends to be available in most pubs, supermarkets and online stores, so its definitely easy to get hold of.   Beck’s Blue is, like Beck’s beer, produced in Germany and conforms to the German Purity Law (the Reinheitsgebot) meaning that it’s brewed from water, barley malt, yeast and hops, which makes it a vegan-friendly beer.  But what does Beck’s Blue taste like?  And how does it compares to Beck’s beer?  Read on for our Becks Blue review, comparison with the alcoholic version of Beck’s beer, tasting notes, nutritional information and best places to buy for special offers.


Beck’s Blue might look like the alcoholic version of this bestselling beer, and its certainly easy to pick up a bottle (or four), but that’s where the similarity ends.   With an ABV of 0.05%, it is certainly alcohol-free, but without the Beck’s name behind it, we don’t think we’d be drinking it at all.  The brewers actually promise ‘the full Beck’s taste with alcohol-free enjoyment”. 

Beck’s Blue has been around since 1999, long before alcohol-free pilsners were anywhere near a thing.  In 2016 it accounted for 65% of nolo beers sold in the UK.

What does Beck’s Blue Alcohol-Free taste like?

Beck’s Blue pours like its alcoholic namesake, with a decent head that stays around for a while, but the aroma has that distinct metallic tang to it that many alcohol-free beers have.   It’s highly carbonated, and in our taste test of alcohol-free lager-style beers, it came 4th.  So it’s a middle of the road taste, and I wouldn’t throw it out.   We bought four bottles for our taste test and we will finish them off.  I’d drink it in the pub (but not if some of my more favoured alcohol-free beers were available), but it’s not my favourite.

Some people report that there’s a metallic aftertaste, but I didn’t get that.  I got a good clean but thin taste.  It’s refreshing, but.  And therein lies the problem.  The but.  This tastes like the alcohol-free beer that I drank 20 years ago.  I do wonder if it’s still the same recipe because it definitely tastes dated.   There’s no great aftertaste, but no great during taste.  As I wrote earlier, I’d drink it, but it’s not at the top of the list.

What does Beck’s Blue look like?

We drank our Beck’s Blue from a standard 275 ml bottle. Although Beck’s Blue cans of 330ml are also available.  It pours well.  It’s a golden colour, with a decent head.  It looks indistinguishable from regular alcoholic Beck’s beer.

How does Beck’s Blue Compare to Beck’s Lager?

Where the brewer produces an alcoholic version of their alcohol-free beer we always try to taste test them alongside each other.  We take account of the following in our comparison

  • Branding
  • Head and Pour
  • Aroma
  • Flavour
  • Calories and other Nutritional Differences

The branding of Beck’s Blue is on-brand with the alcoholic version of Beck’s Beer.  The bottle is similar, yet the labelling states clearly that this is alcohol-free.  However, if you weren’t specifically looking for it, it doesn’t scream that this is an alcohol-free beer. 

The alcohol-free Beck’s Blue produces a medium head which stays around a good while.   It looks exactly the same as the alcoholic beer.  

Beck’s Blue has a metallic tinge to the aroma, which Beck’s Lager Beer doesn’t.  That immediately marks it as a non-alcoholic beer.  Would you notice it if you weren’t comparing the two alongside each other?  Yes, I feel that you would.  The aroma is distinctively different from a regular beer and metallic is the only way I can find to describe it accurately.

Does Beck’s Blue taste the same as Beck’s Beer?

No.  Becks Alcohol Free beer doesn’t taste the same as Beck’s Beer.   I’m not a regular Beck’s drinker, but I could tell straight away, from both the aroma and the taste that this was an alcohol-free beer.

How many calories does Beck’s Blue have compared to Beck’s Beer?

There are 14 calories per 100ml in Beck’s Blue, compared to 33 calories per 100ml in Beck’s Beer.  This is on a par with most alcohol-free versions of pilsner-style lager.

What’s the ABV of Beck’s Blue?

Becks Blue beer has an ABV of 0.05%, compared to Becks Beer which has an ABV of 5%. Read about the definitions of alcohol-free in our guide here.

Ingredients in Beck’s Blue

Beck’s Blue is made in Bremen Germany and the UK, by the same brewers that make Beck’s Beer.  Beck’s Blue is made subject to the 1516 German Beer Purity Laws, the Reinheitsgebot). This means that meaning that it’s brewed from just water, barley malt, yeast and hops, which makes it a vegan-friendly beer.   Thes Becks Blue ingredients caare the same ingredients that go into Beck’s Beer.

How is Beck’s Blue made?

Beck’s Blue is brewed in the same fashion that Beck’s Beer is made, the same as a regular alcoholic beer.  Alcohol is removed after fermentation. Read more here about how alcohol-free beer is made.

Best Type of Beer Glass to Drink Beck’s Blue from

Drink Beck’s Blue in either a footed pilsner glass or a flute glass for the best tasting experience.

This footed pilsner is great for drinking becks blue from > check it out now

Nutritional Info for Beck’s Blue Per 100ml

  • Energy (kcal) 14kcal
  • Fat 0.0g
  • Carbohydrate 3.1g
  • Sugars 0.2g
  • Protein 0.3g
  • Salt <0.1g

Vital Statistics of Beck’s Blue

  • Name:  Beck’s Blue
  • Type of Beer / Style of Beer:  Alcohol-Free Pilsner Lager
  • Brewed by:  Beck’s  (ABInBev)
  • Alcohol Content: 0.05% ABV
  • Ingredients:    Water, barley, malt, yeast and hops.
  • Country of Origin:  Germany
  • Dispensed In:  330ml cans, 275ml bottles
  • Calories per can/bottle: 39 kcal / 275ml – 46 kcal / 330ml

Becks Blue Lager Beer FAQs

Got questions about Becks Blue Alcohol Free? Or want to know something specific about this type of beer and we haven’t answered your questions?  Check out our frequently asked questions about Becks Blue Alcohol Free Lager below, or ask us yours in the comments.

Is Becks Blue Vegan?

Yes. Becks Blue is vegan-friendly. It is made only water, barley malt, yeast and hops.

Is Becks Blue Completely Alcohol Free?

Becks Blue has an ABV of 0.05%, which classifies it as alcohol-free. Read about the definitions of alcohol-free in our guide here.

How many calories in a bottle of Becks Blue?

There are 14 calories in Becks Blue per 100ml. So there are 39 calories in a 275ml bottle of Becks Blue.

What are the Becks Non Alcoholic Beer Ingredients?

Becks Blue is made from water, barley malt, yeast and hops.

Where to Buy Beck’s Blue From (in the UK): 

  • All Major Supermarkets
  • Many Pubs
  • Amazon

Other beers similar to Beck’s Blue

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Final Words on Beck’s Blue

Beck’s Blue has been around for a long time – since 1999 and if the recipe has changed since then it doesn’t taste like it.  While we won’t be throwing away the rest of the Beck’s Blue that we bought specifically to taste, we also won’t be buying anymore.  That said, if we’re in a pub and this is the only alcohol-free beer available then we’d buy it.  And sadly, but likely, nurse one drink for a long time.

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