This is A Free Drink, it’s founded, researched, written and funded by Sarah and Nigel.   All the alcohol-free beers, low alcohol wine, ciders and spirits that we drink, review and write about on here are bought by us.

We enjoy drinking beers, wines and love a good G&T, but decided to explore the world of low alcohol and alcohol-free to see if you can get the same taste without the hangover.   And so, A Free Drink was born. 

We remember the days of the first commercially available alcohol-free beers (remember Kaliber?) with more than a little grimace.  Today’s alcohol-free drinks are a whole different story and we’re enjoying bringing the best of them to you, even if we have to taste a few duds along the way.

We’re based in the UK, but travel a lot, so get to taste beers, wines, ciders and spirits from around the world, but are focusing this website on what’s available (easily) in the UK.   A Free Drink is focused primarily on the taste experience of alcohol-free drinks – and where it’s possible we’ll compare the full alcoholic strength of a drink to the low or no alcohol version.

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